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High resolution photography using the best equipment, images lab processed with the latest software - with no copyright restrictions. We help you print them at any photo lab of your choice and save $$$ !! Plus we have the best prices in town.
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Shot in full HD 1920x1080p mode with the latest film making equipment, in tapeless, full digital format. No copyright restrictions.
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We do it..BETTER!!

- High resolution images shot with best equipment.
- Best value packages in town.
- Prints included.
- Extra set of images enhanced for the Web
- Print, copy & distribute as you want.
- Our packages are All Inclusive !!

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We photograph in high resolution using some of the finest equipment, and fully process them for tonality and color values - to make your images pop. All images taken are your property and are without any copyright restrictions.

We highly recommend you have them printed at Costco / Sam's Club - they have good quality and customer service. Plus they have all options for you to choose from - prints, canvas, framed, albums and custom photo books. You save $$$'s in the process when you do. Other labs charge more to pay back a commission to your photographer.

Images are delivered in two formats to you. RAW (NEF) format for your archival purposes and JPEG fully processed images for your viewing and printing purposes. Both are delivered on dvd's to you.

Package A $4752 hours coverage, one location
Package B $6753 hours coverage, one location
Package C $725Package B plus full studio lighting setup at your
event for group photos and on location portraits
Package D $885Package C plus total 4 hours coverage at
one location.
Weddings  Any of the above or call us
 to customize and get a quote
Options include additional hours coverage,
multi-location, multi-events & pre-wedding (indoor/outdoor)
Birthdays    $425Special Rate - 2hrs one location

These are our most popular packages. Feel free to contact us to customize the coverage for your requirements.

INCLUDED in all packages - one DVD with all images, one DVD with all selected images fully lab enhanced for your viewing, printing purposes. PLUS you get all selected images in 4x6 prints and one large 8x12 enlargement.

Our dates fill up fast. We recommend reserving your date well ahead of your event - for FREE.

All prices shown are subject to sales tax.Call us at 281.710.7116.

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We shoot in HQ 1920x1080p in tapeless HD cameras. These cameras are typically used in film making and represent the latest technology available for high definition. We do not use tape or lower quality cameras. The footage is further processed in Non Linear Editing software for your viewing purposes.

We use HD DSLR cameras. Look it up online and see what a difference it makes to resolution and quality of footage.

These are some of our popular packages. Call us to further customize coverage for your event.Our dates fill up fast - we recommend you reserve your event with us well ahead - for FREE.

Package A $5252 hours duration, one location
Package B $6503 hours duration, one location
Package C $7754 hours duration, one location
Weddings   Any of the above Call us to customize
 Add optional multi-location,
 Multi-events, to your package.
Birthdays  $350 - Special Price1.5 hours event duration
 One location.

All prices shown are subject to sales tax.

These are the best prices for the high quality footage you deserve.

Call us at 281.710.7116 / 832.598.4111

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